ydrama feat. salads

cheese_slaw:I'm guessing that's a piano? Do you even know how to play it?

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw yup, a piano. I am a beginner but am not entirely hopeless. I can read music and I know what keys make what notes.

cheese_slaw: Lol good for you

coleslaw: @cheese_slaw what were you hoping to accomplish with that question

cheese_slaw: was of course hoping to prove my superiority sobce

cheese_slaw: *since I had piano lessons from when I was 8 until I was 19

coleslaw: congrats on ur totally ordinary experience

cheese_slaw: Lol ok. Like music lessons are totally ordinary in the US

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw everyone I know has taken music lessons to some extent. I studied saxophone for 8 years (10-18) and am still taking voice lessons to this day.

cheese_slaw: were those music lessons paid for by your parents or the state? i'm guessing you grew up quite privileged.

salad_nicoise: By my parents and no, my dad was unemployed and was on social security/disability for the majority of my life and my mother was the only employed person. My, as well as my friends', parents deeply valued arts education.

salad_nicoise: And I don't see how the source of the lessons matters? I had music classes throughout school, like every kid, but I had to express an initiative to study privately, which I did and which my parents supported. Oh and I forgot bass lessons. I took those too.

ham_salad: sure everyone learns to play the recorder in 2nd grade

ham_salad: either choir or band classes were required in middle school

coleslaw: we had the choice to join band or orchestra in my elementary school starting from age 10 and many people went all the way up to 18 with their instrument. you just had to pay a rental fee for the instrument. you constantly try to talk about your knowledge of the us but you're completely wrong 98% of the time.

cheese_slaw: Well my piano classes for 12 years were completely paid by the state. I also had music classes in school, but my musical proficiency came from my music school. Also playing the "recorder" is not quite the same as acquiring an education in classical music.

undressed_salad: @cheese_slaw it's a fucking piano not a diamond encrusted 50 piece orchestra, i learn't to play that shit on my own without lessons, it's not rocket science


coleslaw: oh really its not the same?

cheese_slaw: lmao

ham_salad: if people wanted to ~acquire an education in classical music~ after 2nd grade then they did. sorry to burst your bubble but piano lessons are pretty standard in the US. high school orchestra is commonplace.

ham_salad: also you are literally insane i hope u know that

cheese_slaw: i really have no interest in arguing with a bunch of 18 year olds who don't know anything about what life is about tbh

salad_nicoise: Wait am I being berated because I grew up in the US an had an apparently predetermined fate with regards to my classical music education or am I being berated because I choose to educate myself further as an adult?

ham_salad: ok you realize you are the one who follows this instagram account and posted the comment. just as long as you know that.

cheese_slaw:none of us are 18 but also none of us are 28 and need extensions on our dissertation because we're too busy fapping to underage korean boys SO

cheese_slaw: lmao @coleslew you are actually 18 tho, and turned my dissertation in right on time. and @salad_nicoise you need to get over yourself and stop using huge words to make yourself seem more intelligent.

salad_nicoise: Well that was def a dodge of my question. Were all those words short enough for you?

undressed_salad: @COLESLAW is not 18, you know as much about her as the US. aka. nothing.


ham_salad: i'm dying lmaooo time 2 make your instagram private so you can stop being stalked and bullied over bitter piano lessons of the past.

undressed_salad: it's okay @coleslaw. not everyone in europe can be expected to remember year numbers.

cheese_slaw: I wasn't dodging your question. I just found it funny bc you're starting your piano lessons now. Also idek if you know this but English is my third language so your comment is really condescending. And i'm Sorry, @COLESLAW (i can't keep track of how you want to spell these common names) are you 19 now? i know you started college last fall. Which makes you just as much of a baby as if you were 18.

cheese_slaw: While we're at it, maybe you could explain to me why you felt so intimated by me and felt the need to ban me from your precious comm. Of which i was a mod. I never even got an explanation. I just know that your clique hates me.

undressed_salad: sorry we didn't realise piano lessons had an age limit

cheese_slaw: But i mean you can just do your thing. Keep stanning SNSD.

coleslaw: bitch i literally just told you i was 20. i started college 2 falls ago. also, @coleslaw is the original spelling of the fucking name. @coleslew is the trendy spelling of a common name. but please, tell me more about myself. also, its rich you're calling someone else condescending because you are literally the most condescending person i've ever talked to.

cheese_slaw: They don't. like i said, i just wanted to exert my superiority because i started my lessons at 8 year old. i'm fickle like that

cheese_slaw: I'm condescending because you're (i'm sorry) 20. YOu don't know shit.

coleslaw: we deleted you as a mod because people complained about you ok. also, you're super annoying and over the top so there's that. fyi we did feel bad about it initially but then someone actually contacted us and said they were glad you were gone because YOU made them feel uncomfortable. there's ur explanation

salad_nicoise: I do know that and I also know your linguistic abilities because I'm a linguist so nice but no. I also know that you told me to stop using big words to make myself seem more intelligent and I also know the word condescending is part of your vernacular so bye.

coleslaw: age doesn't equal wisdom and i admit i'm naive. but i think i still know more than you about music education in my own country so bye

cheese_slaw: but why did you not talk to me? i mean i was a mod. you could have told me if you thought i was annoying

undressed_salad: we kicked u out cause we heard u had a foot fungi

cheese_slaw: lmao @COLESLAW you are embarrassing. you don't know anything about me. stop acting as if you know the world. i also thought i knew everything when i was 20. i was so wrong

taco_salad: You still think you do and are still wrong

coleslaw: i dont think i know everything tho! YOU do. like honestly i never claimed to know everything. i told you how it was in my COUNTRY in my EXPERIENCE in regards to musical education. that's it. i dont try to tell you about iceland.

cheese_slaw: @salad_nicoise, i wasn't asking you to use smaller words because i couldn't understand you. I understood you just fine. You just sound really pretentious.

coleslaw: PS you're the one who commented on the instagram picture of someone you haven't talked to in MONTHS with a rude comment so i mean who is actually the embarrassing one?

undressed_salad: see this is why ppl hate u

cheese_slaw: I'm not even talking about musical education @coleslaw. I'm talking about life in general.

cheese_slaw: No one hates me except you people

cheese_slaw: How was my comment rude?

taco_salad: Lol @cheese_slaw you are just as immature and pretentious as anyone here.

undressed_salad: LOL stop acting like u weren't being a condecending bitch about the piano. It was rude. So don't complain that we're ''coming'' for u, if you're so ''grown up'' then wack off your raging hard on for a comm drama that happened NEARLY A YEAR AGO

cheese_slaw: Oh really? Well i'm not in a clique who kicked out someone because they didn't like them while not even talking to them beforehand.

cheese_slaw: I'm not bothered about the drama. I just was curious about your answers since i had no idea why i was kicked out. i mean sure i know you guys hate me, you made that pretty clear before i was kicked out, but the manner of which i was kicked out was pretty cruel

coleslaw: you can think no one dislikes you but us but you have a shit personality and put people off. keep living in your delusions if you feel better but it ain't the real world girl.

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw I literally forgot who you were until about 3 hours ago when you decided to try it regarding a piano. That is how serious it is to all of us and the bigger question is, why do you continue to cling to this thing that is not that serious at all? No one killed a family member of yours.

taco_salad: @cheese_slaw If we are a clique as you say why would we keep someone around we don't like?? Sorry you didn't get a warning or something but you were getting into arguments with @salad_nicoise a lot, was it really that surprising?

cheese_slaw: Well a family member of mine actually died so thank you for that trigger @salad_nicoise. If you think my "Amurikahh" argument with @salad_nicoise was serious then it just proves you all need to grow a backbone and experience the world. And yeah it was surprising because I was a mod and then suddenly i was kicked out from the comm. You could ahve talked to me if you found me annoying.

ham_salad: i campaigned to get you kicked because you were not up to our standards of beauty internally or externally life's hard get a helmet bye

ham_salad: i campaigned to get you kicked because you were not up to our standards of beauty internally or externally life's hard get a helmet bye

taco_salad: @cheese_slaw sorry for your loss

taco_salad: @cheese_slaw also yeah we could have done things differently, but @the_fanciest_of_fancy_salads was about as serious as that argument was to you. I don't think any of us realized you would even care that you got kicked out.

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw sorry about that but my point still stands: you're making a mountain of a molehill, and you can keep preaching the good word of experiencing the world~ but I might remind you that this whole convo came into existence because you came at ME about a PIANO and also I'm 28 who had seen a shit ton of the world so retire that old thing already.

ham_salad: they call me Heisenberg

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw and tbh none of this is particularly taxing to me. Amusing more than anything. ❤❤

cheese_slaw: i never took pepperscape that seriously. what i did take seriously was the how you guys bullied me with passive agressive coments, some more agressive than passive, and pm left the comm because of whatever reason (i guess it was me). i had friends in that comm so it was hurtful to be kciked out

cheese_slaw: this convo may have started bc of a piano, but it obviously took another turn because i was curious for some answers that i never got.

coleslaw: all i'm gonna say is maybe examine those friends cuz they may have been the ones who complained

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw yes and I am sure Instagram and a picture of a piano was the most important place for you to go looking for this closure that you so desperately seek regarding this huge and life altering event.

taco_salad: @cheese_slaw Funny because almost all of your comments were passive aggressive. Obviously not everyone there was going to get along and a major reason you were kicked out was to avoid drama like this instagram conversation. And didn't you make some comm after you got kicked out? Obviously you could talk to your friends there or on twitter/whatsapp, etc.

undressed_salad: zing

taco_salad: @cheese_slaw you can talk all you want about how we made it clear we didn't like you, but you also made it clear you didn't like us.

cheese_slaw: i didn't like you because you were awful to me.

coleslaw: zing [2]

coleslaw: wutevs we invited you to the comm because we liked you. whatever perceived aggression on our parts was an invention of your deluded mind,

ham_salad: damn then we did you a favor so get over it??

taco_salad: @cheese_slaw if we were so awful why would you stay? If we were awful to you then it should be a good thing we severed contact. And like @coleslaw said, we invited you because we liked you in the first place.

cheese_slaw: you left pepperscape tbh. you were being awful to me on ontd. and you didn't invite me. linnie invited me.

taco_salad: Anyways this obviously isn't going anywhere so why don't we continue what was going on before you commented on @salad_nicoise's picture, let's just not talk :)

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw lol the only way anyone was awful to you was when we called you out on your bullshit when you started dragging us based on the COUNTRY we were BORN IN and the politics of it that we are ALL trying to change. Like sorry we didn't force our mothers to hielolandia from the womb.

cheese_slaw: can i just ask tho, why did you start hating me? was it the zayn spam, was it my mock americuhhh hating? what was it?

cheese_slaw: like i said @salad_nicoise. that whole convo was not at all serious. i'm amazed you didn't realise that. and i'm slowly realising that was the reason i was kicked out.

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw it's taken you long enough tbqh.

ham_salad: just not a fan of white ppl

coleslaw: keep telling yourself you don't give a fuck but its obvious by how you keep asking us about it that you DO. i'll pray 2 american jesus that you get some self confidence

cheese_slaw: ok my conclusion is that i was kicked out because i dared to criticize Amurikahhh. This has been made abundantly clear in this convo too.

cheese_slaw: lawd @coleslaw shut the fuck up

dressed_herring: I'm 12 and American, what is this?

salad_nicoise: @cheese_slaw you sure are back and forth regarding the sincerity of your criticism~. This isn't a science problem, you don't need to apply the scientific method to it. You were out because we couldn't stand you, and we probably wouldn't have liked you if you were goddamn Uncle Sam himself either. Your ~criticisms~, mocking or otherwise, were annoying and uninformed more than anything, but they were peripheral.


salad_nicoise: @dressed_herring I am dying

coleslaw: sry u can't handle the truth @cheese_slaw literally just trying to help you. you're not old you still have time to turn your life around

cheese_slaw: That's the thing tho @coleslaw. I'm old. I've experienced far too much for my 27 years. Including traveling to 5 different continents, losing a parent, gaining a masters degree, fighting depression. This is why i come off as condescending.

coleslaw: there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who have gone though that and more and yet, aren't condescending assholes. nope, you have a shit personality deal with it.

cheese_slaw: yeah talk to me when you've had any difficulties in your live

salad_nicoise: Justintimberlakecrymeariver.gif

taco_salad: Wow seriously shut the fuck up. You are ridiculous. You are not the only person here to experience something difficult in life. And having difficulties in life doesn't mean you can't be called out on things or not liked. Like what the fuck kind of logic is that.

coleslaw: LMAO BITCH. you don't know a fucking thing about me. talk to me when you have two lifelong, autoimmune diseases you have to take shit for everyday. i don't where you get off thinking you can fucking talk to people like this but learn to talk to people or you're gonna get your ass beat one day and literally no one will feel sorry for you. @cheese_slaw lmao ok why don't you beat my ass. i literally don't give a fuck.


coleslaw: no you're not even worth it. because you will never understand how stupid you are. you really won't. people like you arent worth a damn thing in life and never will be. i would almost feel bad for you because you're going to die cold and alone because of how you treat people but i'm honestly too much of a vindictive bitch to care. oh well.

dressed_herring: This is a really pretty picture though. Trust me, I took my first photo in the womb